A tour of the Federal Parliament building in Bern is used to explain how the Swiss parliament works and what tasks it carries out. In order to make the subtly designed, necessarily complex system of separate instances, levels and forms of representation clearly explainable, the founding fathers of the Swiss federal state used different design techniques than one would use today: The heroes in armour or twillich trousers and the female embodiments of the state and its virtues have in turn become in need of explanation today. Instead, today we would much rather understand how and why our state system functions. Against the backdrop of the imposing and historically charged architecture of the Bundeshaus, the question of what exactly happens in parliament and how laws are created at the federal level will be answered by means of a tour and dialogue.

To the film, 4-min. version
To the film, 7 min. version

Category: Didactic Web Video
From: Hansmartin Siegrist
Production year: 2016

Language: German or French
Duration: 4 min. and 7 min.


Hansmartin Siegrist

Reinhard Manz

Reinhard Manz, Andy Schmid

Pablo Grendelmeier, Martin Drescher