Interactive three channel installation with Super 8 films. 'Kunst am Bau', Federal Statistical Office, Neuchâtel. Short film clips give an insight into the life of the Swiss population (1949 - 1999).

"In the second half of the 20th century, social events, special situations and special moments in life were recorded on Super 8 or Normal 8 film.
Nowadays, these pictures, intended for private home use, have largely been forgotten or can no longer be viewed for technical reasons (defective film projector). In various media, I have called for people to send me such 'slumbering' film reels,
to transfer them to video. Those who participated received their original films back together with a video cassette.
I used the material to develop a three-part interactive installation for the artistic design of the entrance hall of the Swiss Federal Statistical Office in Neuchâtel: Short sequences from Super 8/Normal 8 films show moments from events in the life of the Swiss population: turning a somersault, first day at school, eating 'chocolate pudding' ..."

Category: mixed media
From: Renatus Zürcher

Status: Archive pearl
Production year: 1999


Renatus Zürcher