SCHAULAGER - Steve McQueen

Commissioned by Schaulager, point de vue document all events that take place in the context of the Steve McQueen exhibition:

Artist's Talk, Steve McQueen in conversation with Adrian Searle,
Art critic, 'The Guardian', London, English, 46 min.

Artist's Talk, Steve McQueen und Hamza Walker, Associate Curator and Director of Education at the Renaissance Society in Chicago, English, 71 min.

Ute Holl, Professor of Media Studies at the University of Basel
Alexandra Stäheli, cultural scientist and film journalist NZZ
James Rondeau, Dittmer Chair and Curator at the Art Institute of Chicago
Stuart Comer, Film Curator at the Tate Modern, London

Symposium with:
TJ Demos, Kunstkritiker and Dozent am Department of Art History at the University College London: 'Indeterminacy and Bare Life in Steve McQueen's Western Deep'
Darby English, Associate Professor of Art History at the University of Chicago: 'Somewhere in Devon'
Christiane Voss, Professor of Philosophy of Audiovisual Media at the Bauhaus University Weimar: 'Heterotopias and Affective Spaces in Hunger and Shame' Markus Klammer, art scholar, eikones National Centre of Competence in Visual Studies (NFS Bildkritik), Basel: 'On the Relationship of Steve McQueen's Films to his Film and Video Installations'.
Chrissie Iles, Anne and Joel Ehrenkranz, Curator, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York: 'Cities of Cinema: How Steve McQueen and his Generation re-defined the Moving Image'

Category: Documentary Video
From: Uri Urech
Production Year: 2013

Language: English
Duration: 46 min and 71 min


Project Management, Direction, Camera, Editing
Uri Urech

Commissioned by
Schaulager Basel/M√ľnchenstein
(Catherine Schott/Isabel Friedli)