After the First World War and the end of empires, violence and instability undermine Europe.
The Contract of Lausanne was signed on 24 July 1923 and is the only one of the post-conflict agreements that still has an impact. The exhibition connects these different time periods and leaves plenty of room to reflect on the memory.

In collaboration with the curator Gaby Fierz and the Musée Historique in Lausanne, we conceived several video works for the exhibition FRONTIÈRES under the direction of Jonas Schaffter.

Category: several installative video works
Director/Sound: Jonas Schaffter
Camera: Simon Denzler
Editing: Andreas Weber, Jonas Schaffter, Lea Fröhlicher
Production year: 2022/2023

Language: French, German, English, Turkish
Subtitles: French, English
Format: Full HD
Sound: Stereo
Exhibition images: ©MHL / Arnaud Conne


Direction and project management
Jonas Schaffter

Simon Denzler

Jonas Schaffter

Andreas Weber, Jonas Schaffter, Lea Fröhlicher